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The Arts Collaborative of Taunton (ACT), is a group of local artistic, historic, entertainment, cultural, theatrical, and artist supporting organizations that have formed this collaborative to provide greater access and take advantage of shared resources to bring forth the best in the arts community to families and individuals of any age, in the Taunton area and its surrounding communities.

ACT is firm in its belief that the arts are a vital part of our community's cultural life and relies on the generosity of donations of time and money to support our continued success now and into the future. Member organizations pay nominal dues, and each member organization helps to support other member organizations.

Apply online here to become a member of the Arts Collaborative of Taunton.


From drama to comedy, music of all genres, dance and art, ACT works as a group to bring the best in entertainment and culture to our area.

Support our individual groups and cultural organizations.

Participate in, or attend performances throughout our local area and enjoy yourself as well!

All are welcome!

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